Hi everybody

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Hi everybody

Post by Spaskis » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:27 pm


I am Spaskis from Euskotracks modding team. Euskotracks is an amateur track modding team composed by borimoli, XAVI77 and myself.

You can follow our activity here

We only produce content for rF2.
In the past we started with rF1 (around 8 years ago) but all our tracks were converted when the new platform was released.

So far we have been using BTB as primary platform and 3DSimEd for converting to rF2.
We are very unhappy with its sequel RTB. In our opinion the simplicity of BTB was great, oppositely to RTB. For sure BTB had several limitations but the workflow and CONTROL over things was great. I hope this be track creator can take the good things of BTB and improve its limitations. I wish you the best luck.

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