Feature Request Master List

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Feature Request Master List


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Here is a list of all of the feature requests that have been made so far, and their implementation status. If you have an idea that is not on this list, feel free to leave a reply. I will also be checking Solar Lander's discord server and the discussion forum on Solar Lander's Community Page on Steam. Not all ideas will be accepted. But if your idea gets rejected, you should be able to implement it as a mod once the Modding Update (0.3.x) comes out.

  • Green = Implemented
  • Blue = Partially-Implemented
  • Red = Rejected
Suggestions So Far:
  • Bonuses for landing in challenging spots
  • Power-Ups
  • Extra Terrain Generators
  • Help Screen for Escape Menu
  • Settings from Escape Menu (Can change all settings, but only control remaps have been tested.)
  • Give the player some autopilot modes to help them navigate e.g. prograde, retrograde, horizontal.
  • Always allow the player to zoom to a level where they can *see* the CM.
  • When the LM and the CM are too small to render adequately, put a cue box around them so that the player can still locate them.
  • Indicate direction to target as well as relative velocity, and add distance and rvel values.
  • Allow the player to designate their landing target and give them some kind of cue regarding a recommended orbital pathway to the target.
  • Label everything on the HUD. It's not sufficient to put it in the help section.
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